8 Sep

New Fabrics

Pssst… PSU Australia is expanding our fabric collection again! PSU Australia would like to thank our customers for their continuous support. In return, we promise to maintain our highest standard of customer service and fabric quality and…
17 May

Natural Antibacteria Desiccants

Innovation @ PSU Australia In collaboration with Travi Corporation, a companyspecialising innatural herbs since 1964,PSU Australia has developed a new type ofdesiccants that is unique from other man-made forms of desiccants. Our desiccants are 100%…
12 Apr

New Fabrics Available

New Fabrics Available At PSU Australia, we are always striving to improve our product quality and customer service. We can now offer to all our potential customers duty free shipments on all orders under the ASEAN - Australia - NZ Free Trade…

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